May 29, 2016

Mindlab Session 12 -Design Thinking

Design Thinking:
Research, finding patterns and connections, design principles, make tangible, test and evaluate, iterate relentlessly eg fitness trackers in USA for children - 

Defining the problem would be beneficial for understanding what the specific problem is. By defining the problem you are able to identify the underlying issue. If you are unable to define the specific problem, the ideating/prototype stages will not help to solve the problem. You need to define who the stakeholders are; ie know who the problem/solution will affect.

Defining is an important part of Teaching as Inquiry process.

Ideating : Is there enough time spent on this phase?

- Variety of solutions
- Can be as crazy as you want
- Team = finding a solution
- Opens your mind
- An idea may be a solution for something else later
- Takes out the leader (issue?)

Austin's Butterfly - try and try and again, careful advice to make it better, perseverance the eyes of a scientist
a great one to share with children - for learning from constructive criticism and trying again

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