Jul 17, 2016

Mindlab - literature review/discussion

Lots reading on mindfulness and growth mindset over the last few days relating to our research question:

What impact does growth mindset have on students achievement?
I think over the last bit of reading we need to add mindfulness to our research question. there seems to be a direct correlation between the two and thinking forward to my teacher inquiry it would be good to include mindfulness into this research. 

What impact does growth mindset and mindfulness have on students achievement?
I am not convinced that all mindsets can be changed if they are deep seated over many years but i may be persuaded to consider that teaching mindfulness could create a growth mindset in young people that they may carry on into their future lives.
I, myself have a fixed mindset with regard to teaching maths.  This is deep seated from a young age [refer to DCL1 and DCL2], while it has improved over the years and the mindset occasionally relaxes the fixed mindset overrides it often as it is so deep seated. The moment i am questioned on my teaching on maths, the moment someone comes in on a maths lesson, the moment someone questions my planning or teaching or grading in maths the fixed mindset comes right back and the stress and chip is retained. I don't believe this will ever change; we as teachers are constantly being judged by communities, by students, by parents, by management, by colleagues by media....therefore if our mindset is tentatively fixed we will always revert back to this as a coping mechanism. We all drop back to most learned behaviour.