Mindlab - Session 1 - Reflection & How I was a leader in the collaborative task [18/3/16 5am]

 An interesting session meeting the new people from the Mindlab course.

What is knowledge?
A great question to get some serious discussion on.
Our group decided knowledge was a combination of a number of things:
new learning from information, from experiences, from culture, from growing up, from making mistakes etc

We discussed the neurons in the brain growing as our knowlege grows. As we learn new things through different experiences in life new neurons can be made and make connections with old neurons. Sometimes the neurons become stronger with the new knowledge. Sometimes the neurons fade and dwindle due to the new knowledge [see note below] - our knowledge is always growing and developing as we experience new things and meet new people.

I suggested that Neurons and pathways can be redefined due to our focus in life e.g. we can teach our neurons to fade..to create new pathways as our knowledge changes. For example - a smoker can learn through new knowledge that it is not as beneficial as they once thought. They may have convinced themselves that smoking is good and necessary but through advice from family, friends, doctors, health issues, books etc we can learn that smoking is of no benefit - it takes will power and strength to create new pathways and knowledge to learn that smoking isn't ok...new neurons are created to make a new knowledge pathway that redefines our behaviour towards smoking in order to create a new knowledge/learning of being a non-smoker.

Our group had to SHOW knowledge using playdoh...Ana created a knowledge tree with new leaves and branches growing every time. Kusum and I created the right and left brain with different neurons coming off it and making connections and then making new pathways.

Colleen filmed our groups representation of knowledge. She was relearning how to edit and film our 1 minute movie using an app on her iPad. I decided to take a step back on filming as I have done some of this in the past with children and for myself. This part turned into a supportive role when Colleen needed help finding solutions to problems with editing on the iPad. During the filming I stepped up quickly to the speaking role on camera. This part i need to be more reflective on and allow others to step forward first...and encourage others to step forward rather than being my assertive self and springing up to the plate before others get a chance to get a look in.

It'll be interesting to ask children the question....What is knowledge? and What is the purpose off Education? Worth considering with my class after camp.

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