May 22, 2016

Mindlab Session 10 - crowd sourcing and entrepreneurship

Market Share - board game - played for an hour and half with group
great game of purchasing small businesses and working up the ladder
uses money, percentages, bonuses, accounting etc
not sure how it would work with 9 - 11 year olds - quite complex and needs lots of math knowledge such as working our percentages of money, also lots of looking at different things - booklet to sheet to board.
however we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn't want it to stop

Crowd sourcing - lots of benefits here for children to work with - giving something for something is a focus. although our video was for the givealittle page I need to look into crowd sourcing for gaining some momentum for raising funds for our school playground

Pledge me - what reward? Advertise your business on our Facebook page? solve our problem for us

Zooinverse - people powered research  

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