May 29, 2016

Mindlab Session 11 - Agile Functionality

Agile Manifesto rewritten for schools:
Learner/facilitator collaboration over assessment requirements
Responding to change over following a plan
Teaching practices over curriculum documentation
Meaningful learning over measurement of learning

Agile Leadership - the best can get better
What can stay the same?
What needs to be removed?
What can be tweaked?
What needs to be radically redesigned?
get better all the time is the sign of an AGILE leader

Is our school working in an AGILE fashion??? No I don't think so - we are always pushing and pulling  in different directions prime example being our current situation the school playground replacement.
Committee of parents - no communication to staff
Community Facebook page - no actual targets
school staff and children wanting to do something but not being allowed to with consultation

Trello - I can definitely see the benefits for using Trello in the classroom and in meetings to help make work smarter smarter.... already started one for our inquiry projects into developing ideas for getting money for our school playground

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