May 15, 2016

Mindlab week 9 - engagement

Student Agency - what it is?

Success is about what you value...teaching the whole child - progress and achievement is a product of this…success

Success is PONO - to be true, honest, genuine and sincere
Life-long learners

Kahoot - a quiz online, interactive, need numerous devices, children love but engagement can be for the fun factor rather than the learning factor - even with teachers there was talking while explanations were being given so few were actually listening to answers. Could be good for children setting tasks for team mates - questioning skills etc

Taiye Selasi - ted talks don't ask me where I'm from?
Rituals - wake up, play kitchen scramble and sims, shower, breakfast go
Relationships - coffee and colleagues at school first task, breakfast every Wednesday without fail - saving grace, family Skye's monthly, friends on vibes
Restrictions - restrictions on house prices, affordability, family abroad, school far away, teaching profession and Mindlab assignments and reading

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