Jun 5, 2016

Mindlab Session 13 - Inquiry Learning

e-Learning tools and implementation strategies are there to support our teaching and learning not to replace it

Laingholm's Inquiry model - workable for the independent inquirers as well as the students who still require guided and modeled learning

Inquiry moving from Knowledge to Understanding
needs to be:
  • relevant to them and their world
  • hook them in from the get go
  • could be an event that needs to happen
  • provocative statement
  • or a real-life challenge that effects them
  • Observe
  • Wonder & Ponder
  • Investigate
  • Conclude
 Involve me and I will understand...

Constructivist: ask questions, investigate solutions,  gather information and create new knowledge, discuss discoveries and experiences, reflect on new knowledge - not teacher directed
evaluate information

Teacher is the facilitator not the provider
open ended questions
activate prior knowledge
discuss questions and research knowledge gathering
present and reflect

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