Jan 24, 2011

Tony Ryan - Inspirationals for Term 1....Zest practice

Today we had one of our teacher only days shared with Northcote Primary @Learning Network with Tony Ryan.

Tony Ryan is an inspirational speaker in all contexts....amusing, challenging, inspiring and has a zest for life which he shares through many images. He is easy to listen to and often inspires thoughts as the day goes on [ignore the fact that he is an Ozzie] he is open and forthright and I love his conferences/sessions.

A day of inspirations and conversations with others....so where to now?
My goals after Tony:

  1. Get a support person on staff to keep me positive even when the proverbial hits the fan!
  2. Continue/start/action my goal from early Jan - photo of the day blog with my class  
  3. Check out Fun Theory - see what the children think, challenge their thinking with the grid e.g see the one to the left - combine
  4. Use some idioms to have some 'fun' during the day
  5. Try and laugh more often [when I feel down...stick a smile on] how? Tony says bite a pen between your teeth and make sure your lips don't touch the pen - try it!
  6. Teach my class about Google Wonder Wheel - awesome search part of google...who knew it was even there? [Well Tony did!]. On a search in google the Wonder wheel option can be found down the left had sidebar - more visual for ch'n to gather and fine tune their research skills. Each click  from each wheel brings up a refined search. AWESOME! [see above]
  7. Use brain exercising every day for 10 mins with the children - thinking matrix [as above], thinkers keys activities, sudokhu, word game, see saw thinking 
  8. Para-phrasing practice and ch'n talking [in pairs more often] use the Dilema as starters
  9. Challenge their thinking...challenge your own....Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
  10. Check out....1000 awesome things [again  and see the beauty in every day stuff]
  11. Open my Genuis/Geek bar [not just for ICT] - get ch'n posting Questions they want answers to/problems to sort and get other child experts to help them and support them
  12. Continue my Facebook lunchtime support group
  13. Look at Prezi.com 
  14. Use Cool Iris more often - have a photo up everyday for them to see on arriving in class [quick pair discussion after roll]
  15. Don't take life so seriously - chill a bit and do stuff for ME!!! Coz I am worth it!
Yes many ideas brewing and buzzing away...now I feel a bit more 'let me attem'
Thanks Tony for the 'Think Different' day!

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