Jan 21, 2011

RSS feeders

There are heaps of RSS readers.

Have tried and tested:

Netvibes - a website that logs all your RSS feeds and those widgets that interest you most - draw back? You have to visit the page to see the updates....not one of my favs but some of my colleagues swear by it

Google Reader - part of the Google package and comes as an extra with your google mail option. Nice reader that is easily usable on all sites offering RSS - love the one stop shop with same login and password for mail, docs, reader etc

My real PICK of the bunch is most defiantly Socialite. It's an app that sits on your computer, a client if you like - BUT with this little beauty it has my RSS reader included, my Flickr accounts, my Facebook updates AND my Twitter - in one awesome package - no need to flick from page to page or site to site. Love this little beauty and well worth the minimal outlay! Having trialled many other Twitter clients this baby is the one that has me hooked with everything in the same place. Could not live without it!

My advice - try out a few of them and see which one works for you!
Have fun trialling! Let me know which ones you find and what you think of each one.


  1. I love Google reader. I haven't tried the Socialite. I wonder if it would get past our school filters since it blocks Facebook and other similar sites. It might be nice for home, though.

  2. I use Google reader and find it works quite well. I have also started up a Netvibes - I'm giving it time to see if its as good as Google Reader.

  3. Hey there, Great post. I also use Google Reader and was a little dissapointed to find it is no longer listed in my Gmail screen. The Tech'y world keeps saying RSS is on the way out however I live by it.

  4. Wowser -- I will try Socialite; this challenge has brought me to so many great people with great resources, just like your blog. Thanks for the tip.