Apr 26, 2016

Mindlab session 7 - twitter, blended learning and leadership

Edpuzzle.com - add comments and questions, trim video, add questions, add audio
Can retrieve answers to questions and know who is logged in 
Nice little online piece of software - easy to use, like the additions of adding audio and asking Q's during the videos set 

Blendspace - can be blended for students and teachers
Make it for filming skills for staff 
used previously, children like it, a little time consuming to see and select enough to fill 6 spots 
gets faster as its used

Todaysmeet.com - online meeting and discussion space

Reignited my Twitter life - always been a listener to various people: @Queen_UK [humour],
@JeremyClarkson [humour], @ICT_MrP [education], @leecrockett [education], @kjinquiry [education], @julianclary [humour], @1stanwalker [music], @adamlambert [music] - listened for many years to these guys - so much so their tweets get sent as text messages so I never miss one of theirs, lost my online interaction with Twitter sometime ago...reigniting my twitter life again after today's session
Distributed leadership:
All people able to lead in diff ways
Enabling distributed leadership via digital technologies
Opportunity for you to lead - provide better feedback, provide better support, provide creativity, PD
leaders lead from where they are at
Collective intelligence - crowds solve problems

Samr - goal is not redefinition all the time
Never a set way all the time
Provides opportunities for creativity 
Values diversity - wicked problem - how do we value diversity 
Broad visions
Inquiry cycle 
Systems change
No idea how to do that - trust to try and see what will happen

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