Apr 18, 2016

Mindlab session 5 - Makey Makey, coding

Introduction to coding for some people. While it was introduced as starting children straight into scratch - I personally have found that using Code.org as a foundation for coding is much more worth while. Ch'n use code.org to learn the basics of coding and how instructions work together to make things happen on the screen. This is a good foundation before throwing them into scratch where they need an understanding of how code works in order to make the cat move.

Time probably also needs to be given to students to experiment with the sounds and sprites before creating anything - much the same as investigating sounds and transitions using movie software.

Introducing the Makey Makey board into scratch after some lengthy experience using the programme.


Cheaper versions of the Makey Makey can be found at http://aliexpress.com/

First hand try at using a Makey Makey board.
Great session with our group relearning how circuits work and creating a magical musical instrument using the Makey Makey and cables. We created instruments using card and aluminum foil and even play doh.
Looking at their website it seems you can make an instrument out of almost anything - even bananas!

a beat box creation

a musical triangle

a magical drumkit

a very clever Anzac creation, each poppy told a bit of the Anzac story and the last post music

the Makey Makey board

magical cymbals

use of aluminum foil and playdoh and card

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