Apr 19, 2016

Mindlab session 6 - Growth Mindset/Connected learning/Leadership styles

If our students don't start learning how to learn - we could be in trouble - in the words of John Connor in Terminator 2 - " The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves.""....and isn't that the truth!
We as teachers and them as students have no idea what the future holds - things have changed so much in the last 10 years...children we taught 10 years ago are facing a really different reality than we taught in.
We need to prepare our students to be active learners.
To be collaborators.
To be communicators.
To be problem solvers.
To be flexible.
To be thinkers.
To be creative.
To be innovative.

Is the child engaged and is he/she learning.  Create a need to know in the child. Learning experiences around the needing to know.
we have forgotten the learner and passion for learning due to targets, attainment and National Standards.
Its a work that can fail and is always in progress.
Reconnecting education to opportunity.

In my school connected learning means: having a shared focus but having the opportunities to be creative and explore outside the realms of regular education programmes.

Growth mindset - do we show mistakes, failure in our classrooms
Do we foster 'not yet', making mistakes is ok etc -
ClassDojo - growth Mindset series

Piktochart - demo

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