Apr 25, 2017

iPad Recording Booth

Saw this idea on the tinternet [good ole Peter Kay] the other day and thought it can't be too hard.

Get Bunnings Clever Cube @10.40 each [assorted colours - I got pink and red]

Cheaper options for sound proofing foam are available over seas - however Foam & Rubber store inside Storage Box in Link drive Glenfield had pre-cut sound proofing rubber that fits perfectly @14 per square.
You'll need 4 sheets - roof, back and 2 sides  

Student can then crawl inside to record sound and block out general class room noise.

This is also great for short recordings for Student story on Class Dojo and adding sounds to Tellagami and iMovie, audio recordings, voice memo's and recording on Flipgrid.

Inspired by: Blair Smith post

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