Mar 28, 2016

Mindlab Session 3 - pre and post

Assignment 1 - Slowly stressing away about the first assignment - what to do what to do
Seems to be a large amount of confusion about what is expected here.

My initial thinking is it has to be math related as this is my weakest area and has been for many many years. Maths is generally uninteresting for me and the children - how can I shed my shoulder chip and make it interesting for my students. Am thinking project based is the way to go - this is the only bit of maths that ever interested me as a child - making it real. Thinking this should be my angle.

Set up my first google forms survey for the class/syndicate to complete - it's a practice really to see how the forms work and how easy it is to collate and see the results from 4 classes.

Aurasma - cool but what is the point? Is it educationally valid?

Seems to be that Aurasma is slightly different to QR codes in that it overlays in 3D rather than just a link to another website - so the theory is you can overlay flat instructions with something else more interesting to engage the students.
Augmented reality - I think it makes the learning richer if you can interact with the material being delivered rather than just shown something. Learning Shakespere as a youngster reading the plays it was extremely hard to understand - seeing a play made it easier, visiting where Shakespeare lived made it more 'real' being able to interact with the characters in augmented reality would make it memorable! Much like the guys who invented and created the Mindcraft view of Gallipoli - much more interactive and creates a higher user interest level.

[Tues] slowly gathering ideas for assignment - started a Mindomo after making mini notes in phone at 2.29am and 4.33am [the joy of stress]


Aurasma - can be very effective with overlays of work - still not completely convinced that QR codes work just as well just less aesthetically pleasing. I am pretty sure QR codes will open a word doc that you can then work on. Must test this theory.
Would have liked them to show how Google Cardboard can be educationally useful rather than just a cool tool to play with.
At least the session gave much more clarity on the assignment...I think

Some great ideas using the SAMR model - loved viewing and commenting on them. Struggling over this assignment still

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