Apr 14, 2015

Class Dojo Ambassador

I was introduced to Class Dojo about a year ago. I have to say I was VERY skeptical of its usefulness and worth and didn't jump at it. However I saw how useful it was in other classes and another colleague demonstrated how it worked with his class. Of course, me being me.....I opted to poll the class on what THEY liked or didn't like about it!
The comments gushed forth with excitement - not one negative to be heard [and I did pry!]
So I jumped on the Class Dojo wagon in about October last year and haven't looked back since! My class LOVE it! They select their own reward options for certain levels of scores. I am about to introduce a whole class score reward...ummm what will they choose?
I have already encouraged others to join up and can;t wait to see where being an 'Ambassador' leads me!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the team Claire! Looking forward to seeing where it leads me too. You've just reminded me to do my beginning post as well :P