May 1, 2011

Discovery Time!

Having recently attended an inspiring PD session at school about Discovery Time I am both inspired professionally to give it a whirl and also inspired to share that knowledge too.
I had thought that Discovery Time was basically for Juniors but having been to the session I realise it can be for almost any age group! It is basically planned and organised play-time for children to experience and learn for themselves once a week with no teacher restraints or controls.
The one block session once a week involves a variety of activities that give children the space to be creative, explore through discovery and play, problem solve, work on a key competency focus while playing, covers all aspects of different learning styles and are motivated. Check out all the benefits here - Discovery Time
Although our facilitators suggested a Friday morning...I have been too inspired this weekend and want to give it my first whirl on Monday morning - the beginning of a new term and start with either a BANG or a FLOP...which ever, it will be an interesting experience! I have challenged myself to come up with some activities around the Royal Wedding which happened on Friday April 29th.
I am pretty sure my 8 year olds will PMI the usefulness or not of Discovery Time so we can be more planned and inspired for the next session.
Will keep you posted so to speak.

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