Oct 10, 2010

TedxAkld 2010

An inspiring day out with fellow colleagues - inspired by the stories of some amazing creative minds.

By far the most inspiring was the Team OneBeep fellows - whose vision is to supply laptops to the world. Specifically third world children with the use of a laptop and radio waves to transfer data and files. An outstanding concept from four undergraduates who are defiantly destined to go far. mega links here to see and catch-up with these inspiring fellows.

Highly amused by Ken Ring - an amazing predictor, weatherman and magician. Cleverly uses humour and magic to astound you and capture your attention. Amazing ability to predict the future - knew the ChCh earthquake was coming some 12 months before it happened. http://predictweather.com

Also got inspired by the photographers/film makers - Plum Jungle - a beautiful coffee table book of photographs in Hyde Park Sydney, and then taken on the road for Australia day and filmed with music.

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